Jim Miller, owner of Mel's Fireworks

Jim Miller has been selling fireworks for 20 years and is a wealth of knowledge regarding the behavior and performance of the fireworks he stocks.  Jim has personally witnessed the performance of each and every fireworks product he sells in order to insure your satisfaction with the fireworks display.

Custom fireworks packages, hand-picked by Jim have been thrilling fireworks aficionados for 20 years.  Just describe your desired criteria and Jim will personally put together a fireworks display that will amaze you and your friends.  Do you want a long show?  A loud show?  A colorful show?  Do you want your fireworks to snap, crackle,  pop,  whistle, swish, zoom,  crawl, boom, bang, twirl, hop, scatter?  Just describe the type of fireworks show you want, and Jim can provide the maximum fireworks display for your money!

Mel's Fireworks is located in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan in Brimley, Michigan.  Please see the Visit Us page for information on how to get to our store.  We are open 10am to 9pm every day.



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Go to the official website of Black Cat Fireworks  and Brothers Pyrotechnics for detailed descriptions of all their products and to hear and see selected fireworks in action.

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